Car-able road built by the left of the car-park leading male side quadrangle

Steps by the right of the car-park leading to office and male side quadrangle

Dhamma Hall 3 seen from male side quadrangle.

Outsiders’ entrance to Dhamma Hall 3

Male students entrance for Dhamma Halls 2 & 3

Steps and path leading by female d/servers room to students entrance of Dhamma halls 2 & 3

Female Dhamma Servers room

Female students entrance for Dhamma Halls 2 & 3

Dhamma Hall 2: Multilingual facility

Rain water harvesting system

Baffles built on the main dhamma hall roof to divert rain water.

Collector tanks

Wiremesh, brickbats and charcoal filters for each of the collector tanks.

Collector tanks form a ring around the dhamma hall.

Tank marked (     ) finally drains into 35000 ltrs underground storage tank built by the side of male entrance of dhamma hall.