What to Bring

Bedding: Mattress, pillow, pillow case, one bedsheet and one blanket will be provided to every one. Please bring more blankets and/or a sleeping bag as required.
Clothing: Due to the high altitude of the centre, warm clothing may be required throughout the year. A rain coat or umbrella is advisable year round, particularly during monsoon season. All students should observe the rules for modest dress as outlined in the Code of Discipline. Tight, transparent, revealing or otherwise striking clothing such as shorts, short skirts, tights and leggings, and sleeveless tops should not be worn. It is advisable to bring a shawl to keep warm during meditation times.
Laundry: Hand washing of clothes is not permitted due to lack of water. Laundry services are available at a reasonable cost.
Torch: A torch and extra cells will be needed.
Telephone: There is no STD/ISD facility for students on the course.
Others: Bring all the necessary items for the complete period of the course. Do your travel arrangements before the course. Personal food is not permitted at the centre.